Reading about the Twenty-eighth Day of the Eighth Month

I encountered a story online about two years ago via a blog that I regularly read and follow. That blogger shared a YouTube video about a couple that beat all odds to make the most loving marriage a young couple could have. Ian and his girlfriend, Larissa, met in college, and they did not click at first. She found his jokes cheesy, and that just wasn’t her thing. Through mutual friends they got to know each other and decided maybe they could like each other and be friends. They became inseparable; then one day the unexpected happened. Ian was in a tragic car accident that caused severe brain damage. There was a time when the family was not sure if Ian would make, but God had other plans. Their journey came with many hardships and even another family tragedy, but through it all, they grew closer to God.

Because Ian had a brain injury, the doctors were not sure of the extent of his injuries in the beginning. Miraculously, his long-term memory helped him greatly, although his short-term memory was more a struggle. Only time would tell if his injury would develop into a change in his personality. While Ian struggled in the beginning with many many therapy sessions just to figure out how to do every day tasks, Larissa supported him the best way she knew how. Be present. Through struggles and trials Ian slowly gained back movement and relearned many things to help him become more independent.

Many things can be learned from their story as it shows the dedication it takes from family members and close friends to see someone through a tragedy or trial whether be an accident or a severe illness. One key part that got them all through the tough days was their faith in Christ. Larissa admits her personal struggle with her faith during that time, but she grew because of the journey. Sometimes God allows these things to teach us something bigger than ourselves. He makes a way for us to realize we must put Him first above ourselves.

I recommend this book to young adults in college, an engaged couple, recently married couples, or anyone that wants to read a story of renewed faith and strength in God. You will be taken on a journey through someone’s personal life that shows just how precious life is. Treasure each moment, and be faithful to keep Christ first in all of your relationships. If you’re looking for an inspirational story, then stop and drop to read Eight Twenty Eight by Ian and Larissa Murphy.